Chicken Tenders Are More Expensive and Harder to Find Amid the Supply Chain Crisis

Chicken tenders are the latest product being affected by the supply chain process. According to an NBC Today’s Show report, there is a shortage of chicken tenders in the United States. 

Chicken tenders take more work to produce than a chicken nugget due to the nugget being made of scrap meat.

Because of this, tenders can be more difficult to find or more costly to produce. The price of a pack of chicken breast tenders in 2020 was $3.02 a pound and has raised nearly a dollar in 2021. The cost per pound this year has jumped to $3.99 per pound. 

The shortage is affecting more than American families. Popular chicken chains like KFC and A&W had to stop their advertisements featuring chicken tenders so they wouldn’t run out of supply. 

A famous fried chicken restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee, Hattie B’s released a statement saying:

“There is no safe harbor in the supply chain right now. We see it across the board, but certainly, you feel the pain the most in tenders.”

The restaurant has yet to pass the cost onto customers. The restaurant noted, “If we were pricing along with it, I don’t know if folks would still want to pay what it would cost.”

The shortage also affects families with young children, who often rely on chicken tenders as a reliable food source. Molly Edmunds, a mother in Arizona, said, “My kids eat hamburgers, french fries — I have to wrestle them to eat vegetables.” When I come home from the store, and I don’t have any chicken tenders, my kids are not happy.”

Chicken and meat were already hit hard in April 2021. The supply issues, coupled with a wave of demands from fast-food chains like Popeyes, McDonald’s, and KFC, led to the shortage. In August, Tyson Foods, the country’s second-largest meat and poultry manufacturer, raised prices. Their chicken products were raised 16%, their beef 12%, and a 39% increase in pork products. 

Canada’s Quebec Maple Syrup Producers are also struggling to keep up with demand. The company had to release 50 million pounds of syrup, about half its supply, from the reserves to meet demand. Amid the holiday season, there is also an alcohol shortage.

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