Child Cries as NYPD Officers Toss Him and Mom Out of Restaurant for Not Having their Vax “Papers” | OPINION

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More than a decade ago, I often wrote about socialist-creep in my police union newspaper. If leftist lawmakers expect to enforce their socialist agenda, they will need cops to do it. Sadly, that seems to be happening in places like New York City.

During this artificially prolonged “health emergency,” I’ve defended officers forced to appear as if they’re enforcing Covid mandates. However, my view on police enforcing trespass laws for business owners who are misusing cops to enforce vax/mask mandates has evolved.

Aren’t business owners who enforce mandates past any true emergency essentially acting as government agents? Aren’t they using a veil of legitimate law (trespassing) to enforce illegitimate orders (mandates)? Most businesses would not implement the mandates if the government did not issue them.

Initially, people knew little about the Wuhan lab outbreak. But we soon learned that while the virus was dangerous for the unhealthy elderly, it wasn’t for most of us and hardly at all for our kids.

But some politicians couldn’t help exploiting the “crisis” to extend their “emergency” powers — indefinitely. Just look at the Democrats and media allies shrieking about record Omicron “cases.” Not deaths but cases.

Following New York State’s and NYC’s insane mask/passport mandates, video is erupting over social media showing NYPD cops, by extension, enforcing unconstitutional edicts. Aren’t police officers supposed to honor their oaths and protect and defend the Constitution and the people?

Democrats have people choosing a radical political ideology over what their eyes are seeing, their ears are hearing, and their brains are telling them? The gaslighting must end. One recent incident, in particular, punched me in the gut. As I watched it, I thought about what that little boy must think of police officers now.

viral video on Twitter shows at least seven or eight NYPD officers gathered around a restaurant table where two women and a child are seated. Initially, the little boy appears to be admiring the police officers.

But the images soon turn heartbreaking when the little boy, obviously scared of the brusque police officer, stands up and steps away from the table. He wipes tears from his eyes, and he doesn’t know which way to turn, as an officer orders the group to show him their papers (vax passports) or they must leave.

They don’t have their papers, so the officer says he’s giving them only one warning to leave, then he’ll arrest them for trespassing if they don’t. That officer has several hash marks (service stripes on his uniform sleeve, denoting he’s a highly experienced veteran.

In the video, a bystander says, “Scaring a child, traumatizing a child. I hope you feel good about yourself, NYPD. This is disgusting. This is gross.” It really was. That kid reminded me so much of my young grandson. It hurt to watch a police officer not consider what his actions meant to that boy.

Eventually, the little boy clutches his mom and clings to her, obviously wondering what he’d done wrong. How long do you think he’ll carry the scar of his interaction with the police?

Another person off-camera asks the officers if that’s what they signed up for when they became cops. Cyn Clagar posted on Twitter, “What a lovely new world we are living in when you go out for a meal and a squad of police barge in, persecute a little boy, then demand to see everyone else’s papers.”

At what point do cops say enough to Bill de Blasio’s and Kathy Hochul’s unethical mandates? How much is their misuse of officers’ limited time damaging the cops’ reputations with good New Yorkers?

When I see cops coerced to act like petty tyrants, I can’t help thinking about Robert Browning’s disturbing book, “Ordinary Men.”

It tells the story of a battalion of everyday municipal police officers in Nazi Germany who began their descent into committing evil acts by first enforcing the “simple” government mandates directed against government-designated deplorables.

Research at the British Library shows, in Nazi Germany, Jews were “banned from parks, restaurants, and swimming pools,” schools, libraries, and many other places and activities of “normal life.”

Sound familiar?

Tyranny doesn’t start with removal to reeducation and concentration camps, torture, and executions; it ends with them. That is if people don’t speak up when the banning starts.

Many oppressed people missed their chances early on to speak out and act against the tyranny that consumed their societies. Let’s not miss ours. People never believe it’ll get “that bad” until it’s too late. That’s a psychological weapon the tyrants rely on. That good people do nothing.

Once you’re willing to kick a child out of a restaurant just for eating, what’s next? Ask yourself if you were in the police academy, would you ever conceive of getting such an order, never mind obeying it?

This is partisan politics disguised as law enforcement. Isn’t it time for officers to go up to a business manager and say this mandate is political, not criminal? “When a complaint is related to the mandates, if people are not damaging property or assaulting people, we will not physically remove them.”

Think about when New York authorities refused to enforce laws against violent leftist rioters committing felonies during the George Floyd demonstrations? Yet this officer threatens to arrest moms and their kids for “committing” a non-violent misdemeanor. And the NYPD recently cited five anti-mandate demonstrators for “trespassing” at a Burger King. That’s more punishment than most rioters received.

I’m sure most NYPD officers oppose enforcing these mandates. Some of their brave NYPD brothers and sisters have already stood up to the immoral vax mandates and were forced on unpaid leave for it — just before the holidays. Perhaps it’s time for other officers to stand up to political tyranny?

The officer doing the talking to the little boy and his family has a unit designation printed on the back of his police jacket. It reads: Strategic Response Group. According to the NYPD, “This specialty unit responds to citywide mobilizations, civil disorders, and major events with highly trained personnel and specialized equipment.”

Does a mom and her boy eating pizza now amount to a “civil disorder,” requiring “highly trained personnel?” Does not producing your “papers” now justify a response from a specialty unit that works under the auspices of “Special Operations Bureau?”

Many police chiefs, especially sheriffs, and other officials nationwide — even in New York State– refuse to enforce CCP virus mandates. Maybe it’s time for the NYPD to rank and file to give their dictators at City Hall and in the governor’s mansion a message: “No! We took an oath, we’re going to keep it, and we’re not going to let you tarnish it.”

If Hochul and de Blasio want to enforce their tyranny, they can go to that restaurant and look that little 5-year-old boy in his tear-filled eyes, and they can demand he hand over his papers, or they’ll take away his food and toss him and his mom into the streets.

I celebrate all the brave leaders and their supporters across our great nation who refuse to enforce these non-legislated royal decrees. This “emergency” is over. If our elected leaders won’t admit it’s over, maybe we need to speak louder to make sure they hear it? Then we can make sure no other little kids need to lose respect for the police officers they often look up to as heroes.

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