China Refuses Further Investigation by WHO Into COVID-19 Origins

Chinese officials have recently made it abundantly clear that they will reject any further World Health Organization (WHO) or United Nations investigation into the origins of Covid-19.

Zeng Yixin, deputy head of China’s National Health Commission, responded to WHO’s criticism of China’s level of cooperation at a news conference on Thursday, claiming the U.N. agency’s proposed work plan did not respect science.

Like the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Yixin defended the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s actions and prior discoveries of new viruses through gain-of-function research.

“So where did the virus leak [come from] due to violation of laboratory procedures? So this formulation violates common sense and violates the laws of science. It is particularly important that the WHO expert team personally went to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to conduct on-site investigations and found that the virus the extremely unlikely conclusions leaked by the laboratory,” stated Yixin during Thursday’s conference.

“The experts are all very authoritative and experienced in various fields, and they are all experts carefully selected by the WHO. Therefore, we should respect their conclusions.”

Yixin, along with a small group of Americans like Fauci, believes that they will be completely exonerated because WHO conducted a brief joint investigation.

“So this time the world so-called second-stage traceability plan announced by the WHO, in some respects, it can be said that it neither respects common sense, but also violates science. It is impossible for us to accept such a traceability plan,” said Yixin.

Although Yixin’s response may come as a surprise to some, it should not. Because of American scientists like Dr. Peter Daszak, who heavily funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China’s attitude toward any opposition to the natural origin theory will remain the same.

Daszak, President of the EcoHealth Alliance, has given at least $600,000 to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in recent years to research and develop new coronaviruses, as well as new “cures” for those coronaviruses. Many believe this was through the “gain of function” research.

Daszak also works for the World Health Organization and has admitted on record in December 2019 that he was involved in coronavirus manipulation.

“Coronaviruses are pretty good… you can manipulate them in the lab pretty easily… the spiked proteins drive a lot about what happens. You can get the sequence, you can build the protein, we work with Ralph Baric at UNC to do this, insert into the backbone of another virus and do some work in a lab,” stated Daszak.

The World Health Organization and China have always seemed to have a love-hate relationship; however, it has been over a year since the coronavirus outbreak began in China. A team of WHO investigators have been denied access to the country to investigate where it originated.

Most liberal elected officials have attacked and shamed Americans who have refused to receive the recently released mRNA shot, claiming that they are endangering public safety. However, no Democrats or President Biden have questioned China’s refusal to be more transparent about the virus’s origin that is allegedly killing so many people.

Unfortunately, communist forces in China have discovered a way to blackmail and manipulate American scientists and institutions through information suppression and relentless propaganda.


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