China’s Spy Balloon Slaps America in Face. Now They Want It Back.

U.S. Navy sailors recover Chinese spy balloon off Myrtle Beach, SC.

This may be cliché, but this story belongs in the you-can’t-make-this-up category: Communist China has so little respect for Joe Biden’s government it wants its continent-transiting spy balloon back. Many Americans must wonder if Biden will do it.

According to Reuters, “Beijing condemned the shooting down of the balloon as an ‘obvious overreaction’ and urged Washington to show restraint. When asked on Tuesday whether China had asked the United States to return the debris from the downed balloon, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said the balloon belonged to China. “‘This balloon is not American. The Chinese government will continue to defend its legitimate rights and interests,’ she said at a regular presser.”

If Trump were still President, the Chinese would have been lucky if he didn’t shoot down the balloon while it was still over China.

But seriously….

American Military News reported, “China suggested it wants the U.S. to return the spy balloon recently shot down over the Atlantic Ocean as efforts to recover its debris are ongoing. On Tuesday, reporters asked Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning if China asked the U.S. to return the balloon’s debris.”

“‘The airship does not belong to the U.S.,’ Mao replied. ‘It belongs to China.’”

Does anyone think Joe Biden isn’t thinking about giving the spying “airship” back? After all, that would be the equitable thing to do, right?

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