Chocolate Store Faces Backlash For Refusing To Serve Cops

Businesses refusing to serve police is not new, unfortunately, not new at all. However, the pushback against such actions is recent and is increasing. The Post Millennial reported that a Seattle chocolate store, Chocolati, refused to serve two Seattle police officers recently. The local store chain got “SLAMMED by social media” with condemnation of Chocolati and massive support for SPD.

This was not an isolated incident. The Washington Examiner wrote, “Multiple police officers were reportedly denied service at a Seattle, Washington, chocolate shop.” Officers have reported similar incidents at multiple Chocolati locations in the city. At the Wallingford location, after being ignored, an officer (an FTO with a student officer) finally asked a female employee for a box of chocolates. Reportedly, she said, “No, I won’t serve you.”

The Post Millennial also wrote that an employee at the Green Lake location handed an officer his drink and told the officer to “Say hello to Anderson and McNew.” They are the two officers who were forced to shoot a mentally ill woman in 2017 after she attacked them with a large pair of scissors. Investigators cleared both of any wrongdoing. Not trusting what might be in his drink, the officer demanded the employee remake the drink. The employee reluctantly did so.

Jason Rantz, at, said, after initial support from Chocolati’s owner for his acerbic employee, the business’s bottom line seems to have gotten the better of him. After saying he supported the employee’s “free speech” (he needs a lesson in constitutional law), Christian Wong suddenly became “shocked and disappointed” by the way his employee treated the officer. Subsequently, she was fired. Wong has arranged to meet with the officers to apologize.

Rather than inspiring venom toward the police, the Chocolati employee’s actions backfired. The venom from social media, rather than at the cops, seemed aimed at the store. Many on social media let the business know they would be boycotting. The Post Millennial also noted, “Individuals took to social media to slam Chocolati and show their overwhelming support for the Seattle Police Department.”


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