Christina Aguilera Dons Phallic Outfit at All-Ages LA Pride Performance

WARNING: Some language and images in the article and video below are not suitable for all audiences, especially children.


In the woke community, where they insist they aren’t grooming children, yet another sexual line has been blurred.

At the all ages LA Pride event held at the Los Angeles Historical Park this past weekend, pop star Christina Aguilera headlined the music performance on Sunday. She donned many costumes, but none topped the lewdness of the green sparkly outfit, complete with a large, green, glittery and anatomically correct, albeit large, strap-on.

She is being praised by leftist media outlets, as well as individuals, for her “daring” and “racy” outfit, all of them refusing to state that this was an all ages event, rendering her outfit perverse instead.

It wasn’t just the outfit that was perverse, either.

As Aguilera performed a duet with Kim Petras of “XXX,” she grabbed the strapped on dildo while singing the words, “Sex me how you like”.

According to the LA Pride website, “The LA Pride Parade welcomes all members of the LGBTQ+ community and our allies regardless of age. LA Pride in the Park has no age minimum for the music performance, but no one under 21 years old will be allowed where alcohol is being served.”

As if the green giant wasn’t enough, Aguilera also donned a pink latex costume with what looked like pink cone-shaped nipples. 

Somehow, this performance is being considered a win for the queer community when in reality, it is blurring the lines and creating a very confused generation.

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