Christopher Rufo Debates Joy Reid And The Winner Is Clear

Christopher Rufo was able to say more in his post-show tweet than he was when on The ReidOut, an MSNBC syndicate hosted by Joy Reid.

“Joy Reid turned the gaslight up to 100 tonight. She claimed that critical race theory isn’t taught in schools and that intersectionality, critical whiteness studies, ethnic studies, and critical pedagogy have nothing to do with CRT. Let’s deconstruct her language games,” the thread began.

The TV show host preferred to mention the Manhattan Institute scholar fellow multiple times on her show, never reaching out to have Rufo on as a guest.

He coldly tweeted his realization, “@JoyAnnReid has denounced me by name multiple times on her show. But she doesn’t have the courage to invite me on as a guest. She knows that I will crush her critical race theory apologetics any day of the week.”

Rufo called the host out for poking at and distorting his work without speaking to him directly about his intentions behind it all.

Reid did not take kindly to the accusation and instead became defensive by calling Rufo’s tweet “White Man Demands.”

“This is a weirdly aggressive way to get yourself on TV, Christopher.. Why not just contact my booking producers like a normal person, rather than going with the White Man Demands option? I had never even heard of you until @oneunderscore__ piece exposing your plot to rebrand CRT,” she fired back.

The day came when Rufo went on her show, only to have 4 minutes of airtime of the roughly 13-minute “conversation.”

Rufo’s time consisted mainly of partial sentences, as the show host constantly interrupted him and felt not an ounce of remorse for the clear obstinance.

Reid began with “facts,” leading the audience to believe that what she was about to say was the truth rather than leaving it open for their interpretation.

“Why would I need courage to have you on? Are you, like, an expert in race or racial history? Are you a lawyer? Are you a legal scholar? Is that part of your background?”

Rufo delivered the raw truth of his expertise, “Yes, I’m a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, where I’m running their initiative on critical race theory. And the reason that I reached out on Twitter to you — and I appreciate you having me on — I enjoy this kind of cross-partisan dialogue.”

After some back and forth between the two, Rufo explained, “The problem that I have is that you have really spread four, I think, key false pieces of information about critical race theory.”

Reid claims CRT isn’t taught in schools, and students have most likely been taught “Confederate race theory,” which portrays slavery as “not so bad.” She says state legislation will prevent schools from teaching about racism’s history and that CRT is not rooted in Marxism.

Rufo has dedicated his life to delivering what he believes is the truth, and many Americans agree. He claims Critical Race Theory is primarily misunderstood, having many components that complicate the truth. He tries to show people that this program promotes and teaches more racism.

Rufo said at one point, “Joy, let me respond. This is not a monologue. This should be a dialogue, right?”

“Well, it’s my show. So it’s how I want to do it,” smiled Reid.

It was clear that, despite his credentials, Reid couldn’t care less what Rufo had to say.

Rufo spoke freely on Twitter, “Here’s the takeaway: the political Left is running away from critical race theory as fast as it can. They know it’s intellectually bankrupt and politically toxic. They’re retreating to language games and shell games because they cannot defend it on the substance.

“We are winning this fight. Parents across the country are revolting against critical race theory in American schools. Keep pushing forward.”


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