Clever Students Teach Dopey Teacher a Lesson in Personal Pronouns

Stupid will always eventually collapse, leaving an enormous heap of absurdity behind. Proof came recently at Libs of TikTok, as reported by PJ Media, when a woman, identifying herself as a teacher of 5th and 6th graders went on TikTok to implore anyoneeveryone to help her in her struggle to figure out if her students were committing the unspeakable crime of “making fun” of personal pronouns.

That she had to ask raises additional doubt as to this “teacher’s” fitness to even teach kindergartners how to wipe peanut butter and jelly off their faces with a napkin. She comes across as so clueless that viewers may be forgiven for wondering if this was a spoof. Most observers seem to believe her question was authentic.

The teacher went on TikTok to ask others if they thought her students were making fun of pronouns or being serious. She explained the subject turned to pronouns when she addressed a student as “him.” He objected and told the teacher she hadn’t asked him for his pronouns. She agreed she hadn’t. So, she stepped right into the colossal, steaming pile of stupid, her students had ready for her.

In the video on Twitter, she explains, “he, I mean, banana [yes, she actually corrected herself], said, ‘rock and banana’” were his pronouns. She said she became “really upset,” and told him, “dude, don’t mess around…,” because she thought “he was making fun of it.”

She says she’s “still pretty sure he was making fun of it…,” but that “they [students] all agreed you can choose anything, bananarock. If you want banana and rock to be your pronoun, banana and rock is your pronoun.”

She concludes, “Is it, TikTok? Tell me!”

Woke warriors, like this teacher, are so brainwashed that they no longer have a concept of disagreement, independent thought, or even sarcasm, as it seems these kids were using.

Brodigan at wrote, “Now, if a student identifies as banana or rock, they need to be taken seriously, lest they be accused of pronoun shaming.”

Maybe this teacher’s pronouns should be, get/ a/ clue.

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