CNN Crew Pelted with Objects, Chased Away by Minnesota Agitators

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The messenger became the target briefly Wednesday night as violence continued to rage in a Minnesota community over Sunday’s fatal shooting of a black man by Brooklyn Center police.

A CNN crew drew the ire of protesters by not putting them on camera, according to the Washington Examiner.

As recounted by Examiner reporter Nic Rowan, who was on the scene, CNN’s crew was taking video of screaming demonstrators when some agitators wanted the crew to film their rally instead.

CNN’s Miguel Marquez tried to explain the facts of media decision-making, but the conversation failed to persuade the demonstrators.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic language that some readers will find offensive.

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As shown in a video posted on Twitter, one member of the CNN team was hit on the head with a full water bottle as the discussion went nowhere.

He staggered and fell, as protesters surged closer to make fun of him.

Shortly after that, rioters chased the CNN crew away, hurling eggs and profanity at the crew.

“My team and I are fine and I appreciate your concern. I hope for equal justice under the law and will continue to report on this vital story as it unfolds,” Marquez tweeted later.

On the fourth night of protests following the death of Daunte Wright, 24 people were arrested, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. That total is down from the more than 60 people arrested Tuesday night.

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During the demonstrations, rioters threw objects at the police.

Most of those arrested were not from Brooklyn Center, according to Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson.

Are these protests just an excuse to commit violence?

Early Wednesday, former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter was charged with second-degree manslaughter in the death of Wright, according to The Associated Press.

Potter shot Wright once in the chest, killing him, after firing her gun when she apparently was under the impression she was tasing Wright — who had been pulled over on a traffic stop but resisted arrest by officers for an outstanding warrant related to a “gross misdemeanor weapons charge,” according to a statement from the Washington County Attorney’s Office cited by Lead Stories.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

CORRECTION, April 16, 2021: This article originally misstated the charges on the warrant that was open at the time of Wright’s death. That single sentence has been changed to include a statement from the Washington County Attorney’s Office.

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