CNN Crew Robbed in San Francisco While Reporting on City Crime Spikes

A CNN team covering San Francisco’s high crime rate was robbed during an interview near City Hall. CNN correspondent Kyung Lah said their rental car was vandalized, and their bags, including driver’s licenses and passports, were stolen within four seconds, despite having security guards to watch over the vehicles.

Townhall reports that while the security team stopped the thieves from stealing other bags, they could not catch them. Lah noted that even with hired security, the city is not safe. She acknowledged the irony of the situation as she and her co-worker were in San Francisco, covering a story about voter discontent due to increased street crime. However, Lah praised Southwest Airlines for allowing her to board the plane without her ID.

Lah expressed her frustration about the incident on Twitter, sharing a photo of their car’s smashed back window. She hoped someone would spot the getaway car’s license plate and catch the culprits. She encouraged visitors to San Francisco to be cautious even with hired security. She noted that the city is beautiful, but rampant crime is a severe problem.

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