CNN’s Brian Stelter Loses His Rag Over Tucker: ‘Carlson is the new Donald Trump’ [VIDEO]

CNN senior media correspondent (really?) Brian Stelter, host of Reliable Sources, went overboard on Fox News in a rant targeting his nemesis Tucker Carlson, suggesting that Carlson may be staging a 2024 presidential run.

Stelter declared: “Tucker Carlson is the new Donald Trump.”

Tucker Carlson is constantly mocking Stelter on his top rated Fox News show and it appears that Tucker’s object of constant amusement is beginning to fray at the edges.

“Even though Republicans are out of power, the use of the media — their use of the media, has a major impact on the Democrats. And on political dysfunction,” Stelter said. “So what I’m about to say directly impacts President Biden and his administration. All right. Are you ready for it? Here is my conclusion: Tucker Carlson is the new Donald Trump.”

“Tucker has taken Trump’s place as a right wing leader, as an outraged generator, as a fire starter,” he continued. “And it’s happening on Fox, just like Trump’s campaign did. Which means Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch are ultimately responsible. ”

Stelter seems to be obsessed with Trump and Carlson.

“Every day Carlson is throwing bombs, making online memes, offending millions of people,” he cried. “Delighting millions of other and tapping into white male rage and resentment, stoking distrust of big tech in the media. Generally coarsening the discourse, never apologizing for anything and setting the GOP’s agenda.”

Then Humpty fell off his wall.  We can’t wait to see what ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ says in response.

“Sounds like a recently retired president, right?” Stelter ranted on. “Even before the 2020 election, there was informed speculation about Carlton as a 2024 candidate. Of course some of his attractors say he’s just a troll. He’s just really good at ticking people off. But isn’t that what they said about Trump for years?”

Maybe there’s a touch of jealousy here? Stelter claims Carlson employs the same approach Trump uses, saying “it’s the paranoid style in American politics all over again.”

“What Tucker wants is attention. What Rupert Murdoch and Lachlan Murdoch want for him is attention — as this headline put it, he’s the post Trump MAGA champion,” Stelter claimed.

“Fox News is increasingly the Tucker Carlson channel, and the Murdochs recently cut a deal with Tucker to expand his profile on Fox’s streaming service, too,” he ranted on. “It’s ultimately all about the Murdocks and what they want. How they’re going to keep the profits flowing by giving the viewers more and more radicalized content — led by Tucker Carlson.”

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