CNN’s Chris Cuomo Suspended for Helping Former Gov-Bro Cover Up Alleged Sexual Harassment

CNN suspended its most popular anchor while it investigates his alleged wrongdoing. Chris Cuomo reportedly assisted his brother with covering up an alleged sex scandal that forced former Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign from office.

CNN Business described the brothers’ relationship, regarding the sex scandal, as “cozy and improper.” Chris expressed his determination to continue his show despite his brother’s legal travails. But newly released documents describe a closer relationship between the brothers than Chris had revealed.

According to “thousands of pages” of documents, including transcripts, released by New York Attorney General Letitia James, “The scope of how the anchor aimed to help his brother was more considerable and that he was more intimately involved than previously known, prompting CNN to initial a review of the material.”

The documents showed Chris “participated in strategy calls to help advise his brother.” CNN said this behavior by an anchor was “inappropriate,” and Chris will not be doing so “going forward.”

Documents show Chris allegedly used his CNN resources for “opposition research” against Andrew’s accusers. When the now-former governor was initially accused of sexual harassment, the suspended CNN anchor said he was serving his brother not as “an advisor” but as “a brother.”

CNN said it could not countenance Chris’ actions and said they’d publicly acknowledged he “broke our rules.” However, they conceded this unique situation “and understood his need to put his family first and job second.”

With this document dump, CNN also acknowledged they learned Chris’ involvement went much deeper than previously known. They said, “As a result, we have suspended Chris indefinitely, pending further inquiry.” Some believe the suspension will last at least “weeks.”

The sidelined CNN anchor did not issue an official statement about the suspension. But on his SiriusXM podcast, he said, “It hurts to even say it. It’s embarrassing. But I understand it.”

Chris’ critics have noted the anchor’s proclivity for calling out others for what he believes is inappropriate behavior. For example, pundits, such as FOX’s Tucker Carlson, have pointed out Chris’ “coming out of his Covid-19 home lockdown,” which was subsequently proven to be a hoax.

Carlson also mentioned a kerfuffle involving Chris and his building’s management over his refusal to wear a face mask at his apartment building. This, while he chided CNN viewers nightly to “mask up.” But Carlson also defended Chris, saying his choice to help his brother over being loyal to his job was “the best thing he ever did.”

Notably, other left-wing media do not appear hesitant to toss Chris under its “cancel culture bus.” John Nolte, at Breitbart, wrote, “Cuomo’s journalistic sins are so embarrassing to the left-wing media even fake news outlets like Rolling Stone, and the Atlantic are calling for his termination.”

To be fair, CNN reported, Andrew Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi pointed out AG James has a reputation for using her resources to attack political enemies. Ironically, this includes Governor Andrew Cuomo and President Donald Trump. Reportedly, James is interested in moving into the New York governor’s mansion herself.

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