Coincidence? IRS Visits Matt Taibbi’s Home During His Congressional Testimony.

Matt Taibbi Substack Journalist

Could any weaponized government action be more on-the-nose than the IRS visiting the home of Twitter Files curator Matt Taibbi while he was giving congressional testimony exposing the weaponization of the federal government? If you saw this plot device in a movie script, you’d nix it as far too, oh, come on!

According to FOX News, “The IRS was silent about how often it dispatches agents to people’s homes Tuesday on the heels of journalist Matt Taibbi saying he received an unannounced visit from Uncle Sam at his New Jersey residence.” 

Also, “Taibbi… who played a key role in Twitter owner Elon Musk’s efforts to reveal the social media juggernaut’s once-secret communications, was visited by an IRS agent on March 9. That was the same day he testified before the newly Republican-created Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government about what he learned about Twitter.”

Is this an extraordinary coincidence or a weaponized federal government freak-out? Dan Bongino conceded there is a “one in 22 million chance…” the IRS visit was legit. Or is it a sign, since the Democrat Party may not be able to “manufacture” another presidential election win in 2024, they must do as much damage as possible while they still have political power to abuse?

The Wall Street Journal reported, “Typically, when the IRS challenges some part of a tax return, it sends a letter. Or it might seek more information from the taxpayer or tax preparer. If the IRS wants to audit a return, it schedules a meeting at the agent’s office. It doesn’t drop by unannounced.”

In this case, they didn’t send a letter or schedule a meeting. They dropped by unannounced.

The WSJ also said, “The curious timing of this visit, on the heels of the FTC demand that Twitter turn over names of journalists, raises questions about potential intimidation. The fear of many Americans is that, flush with its new $80 billion in funding from Congress, the IRS will unleash its fearsome power against political opponents.” 

The venerable newspaper obliterated the odds the IRS’s Taibbi visit was routine, showing the agency had not followed standard procedures. 

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