Colin Kaepernick on the Wrong Side of Issue Again, and Jack Brewer Wants Him to Know It

Colin Kaepernick is so often objectively wrong that even supporters must either nod in bovine agreement or remain silent out of the pure shock of what he just said.

This time the former San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback mugged a period of history, robbing any truth from it. According to FOX News, Kaepernick recently drew attention to his historical illiteracy when he compared the modern NFL draft and its training camps to slavery.

There are some immediate hitches with his assertion that are blindingly apparent. First, earning a spot on an NFL roster is not only voluntary; it’s often coveted.

There’s also the base compensation that differs, a bit, from slavery’s subsistence rations and housing in a dilapidated hovel. For 2021, the NFL league minimum salary, as reported by, was $660,000.

NBC Sports says the NFL’s average yearly salary is $2.8 million, and the five highest-paid players, all quarterbacks, make between $35 million and $45 million, and four out of the five are black players.

The NFL’s recruiting processes and training camps host white, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander, and black prospects.

Some current and former players are calling Kaepernick out on his anemic history lesson. And some are black. One of them is Jack Brewer, who played for the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Giants.

A biography at Newsmax shows, aside from a well-rounded career in the NFL, business, and philanthropy, Brewer is a “National Spokesperson for the National Association of Police Athletic/Activities Leagues, Inc.” Something Kaepernick would likely bristle at, considering his penchant for wearing anti-police “pig” socks at practice.

FOX News included Brewer’s comments:

“This new Colin Kaepernick doctrine that’s penetrating the minds and hearts of so many of our underserved Black kids across America is the single largest threat to Black [sic] men in the United States of America because right now folks are thinking that they’re victims and they’re living in the most prosperous, the most opportunity of any country in the world….

You have kids that are hopeless and then you go out and push this mentality and you’re supposed to be someone that’s a leader. Think about the movement that this guy started, the opportunity that he had that he could actually come and promote positivity to young Black [sic] men. Telling them how great this country is. He doesn’t have that spirit in him. He has an evil, anti-American spirit and it’s sick and disgusting. One more thing. That even Netflix, someone that big and popular would even put something out like that, to penetrate the mind of these kids should be illegal.”

Of course, Kaepernick’s remarks are protected by the First Amendment, but many people who equally despise the ex-football player’s caustic comments empathize with Brewer’s sentiments.

Clay Travis of Outkick Sports tweeted, “Anyone still defending this imbecile lacks a functional brain.”

And former NFL great and U.S. Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT) responded, “How dare [Kaepernick] compare the evil endured by so many of our ancestors to a bunch of millionaires who CHOSE to play the game?”

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