College Named In Honor of President Tyler Seeks to Rename Themselves

There is an old saying from the south; a lie is like a snowball: the further you roll it, the bigger it becomes.

Virginia Democrats have launched a guilt campaign in recent years in an attempt to erase their own history while destroying and censoring American history. Now, John Tyler Community College, located in Richmond, Virginia, is attempting to change its name in order to distance itself from the 10th President of the United States, after whom the college is named.

In November, the college’s Naming Task Force unanimously recommended renaming the college, two buildings, and several streets in Tyler’s honor.

The new name is most likely to be “Brightpoint Community College,” according to President Edward “Ted” Raspiller. NBC 12 reported that a JTCC spokeswoman says the name “Brightpoint” represents an “uplifting” and “welcoming” environment.

If approved, the name change will be completed by the end of 2022, pending approval from the Virginia Community College Board.

President John Tyler was one of the most prominent figures in American history and played a pivotal role in shaping the current American political system. Like other wealthy men at the time, Tyler owned slaves after having inherited 13 enslaved persons from his father. However, his legacy should not be diminished to just his younger years. In fact, the former Democratic President was a key figure in shaping the ideology of classical liberalism, which continues to shape current Virginia policies.

So, why are today’s Democrats scrambling to erase the very history and ideology that built the platform on which they stand? Because Virginia Democrats are ashamed of their own history that was built from the remains of the Confederacy. And instead of teaching people about the wrongdoings of the past, they are instead attempting to completely censor the history of the most crucial event and citizens of our country.

CNN and other left-wing local media have bombarded the mainstream media with films over the past few years that defame American historical figures by reducing their legacy to the Civil War years. And following the death of George Floyd, Democrats across the country banded together to erect new statues and pass new legislation favoring Black Americans while censoring White Americans in the name of “white supremacy.” Unfortunately, instead of institutions teaching people the whole truth, there will soon be only one source and narrative about the Civil War.

The state board will vote on the name change this week on Wednesday and Thursday in Richmond, Virginia, from 9 a.m to noon. Public comments and statements are welcome, but you must notify the Office of the Chancellor at least two working days before the meeting.


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