Committee Democrats Vote to Hold Hunter Biden Above the Law

Hillary Clinton recently said, “No one is above the law,” as reported by USSA News, “(Except Me)”. She may want to allow Hunter Biden into her exclusively Democrat club.

Hillary Clinton, Basket of Deplorables

According to FOX News, “A Republican request for documents related to Joe Biden’s family’s ‘international business schemes,’ including Hunter Biden’s business deals that may be influencing U.S. foreign policy, was dismissed by House Democrats on Tuesday.”

Hunter Biden

When Republicans came across the aisle to hold President Richard Nixon accountable for Watergate, Democrats were only too happy to welcome them and call it their duty to do so. After all, it affected the integrity of the United States. And Nixon’s transgressions didn’t even approach what it appears the Biden family has done.

Watergate Hotel

But after almost two hours of deliberations about Hunter’s leveraging “his father’s name to earn millions… could be having an inappropriate influence on President Biden’s foreign policy,” the Dems let him off the hook again.

Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the committee’s “top Republican,” noted the Biden family has used Joe’s position to “enrich themselves” even if it hurt American interests. Comer wants answers from the Bidens about their dealings “with some of our most significant adversaries, including the Chinese Communist Party.” 

Joe has repeatedly said he knows nothing about Hunter’s business activities despite evidence Joe’s met with up to 14 of his son’s business associates from corrupt governments all over the world while he was VP.   


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