Congressional Candidate Bullies Police Officer During Traffic Stop

“I’ve got no interest in listening to you, young lady,” congressional candidate Martin Hyde, 56, on bodycam video, told the police officer who’d stopped him. The officer allegedly stopped Hyde for speeding, 57 mph in a 40-mph zone, and texting while driving.

The candidate was so blatantly bullying, it seemed almost set up as a “mock scene” for recruits at a police academy. Though Hyde never uttered the exact cliche, I’ll have your job, according to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, he told her, “You’re making career decisions.”

Hyde “asked her if it was her ‘Russian immigrant status’ that made her ‘talk to people like this.’” The officer is an immigrant from Latvia. “I’ll just call the chief. How about that?” Hyde blurted. “You know who I am, right? You’re talking to a congressional candidate like this.”

Hyde demanded a supervisor respond to the scene. The officer gave Hyde citation instructions and then said he could wait in his car for the supervisor. Instead, Hyde got out, so the officer called for another unit for an “extremely uncooperative” subject.

Hyde wanted her to apologize, but she told him she’d done nothing wrong. After the supervisor arrived, Hyde told the sergeant they’d both pay “the price for being disrespectful.” The video shows the officer is calm and professional.

At one point, Hyde said to the officer, “I’ve got no interest in listening to you, young lady.”

NBC News Channel 8 reported Hyde, a Republican, later released a “public apology” to the officer. Hyde said, “I tried to bully her. I’m not proud of it.” Observers could be forgiven for wondering how sincere his apology was.

The Herald-Tribune also reported there have been past instances of similar behavior. Police documents say, during a 2013 traffic incident, Hyde also threatened to call that officer’s police chief.

The newspaper also reported in 2019, while running for Sarasota city commissioner, Hyde allegedly told a Puerto Rican tennis player to “cut the grass.”

At a news conference, when someone said, “You said cut some grass, man,” on video Hyde replies, “Yes, so what?” Hyde says he meant that reply for a different allegation.


  1. I had to look this clown up to see what party he was running under and what a shock it was!
    Republicans do not need a candidate like Martin Hyde and I’m surprised that the local party did not screen him better. He acts like an old Dixiecrat from the 1950’s and 60’s. This guy is a total embarrassment and would be a national disgrace if he were elected to Congress and the Demoncrats would have a field day with this guy. Whoever the local head of the area is and those that endorsed this guy is, they need to be replaced immediately before they do more harm. They are most likely Demoncrats trying to destroy the Republicans.
    I’m sorry, he may talk a good game about issues I like and endorse, but I could never support a scumbag like this guy. We have too many like him in Politics now! Both in DC federal government and at the local levels.
    Why is it that politicians like this always think they are above the law? They always think they know better than anyone else, their way is the best way and everyone should do as they tell them too. Martin Hyde does not have the temperament, personality, education or loyalty to be in politics. This is the type of person that runs for office for the money, prestige and power, not for the good of the people he would represent or the nation. This is the type of person that would throw anyone under a bus just to save his hide.
    No, no, no! He has got to go! Send him over to the Demoncrats or back to the UK!

  2. Dump the creep. If he can’t see the harm he does to the struggle to defeat the far left, he’s obviously a clueless, self-serving jerk. We can’t afford to have people like him representing us.

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