Conservative Commentator ABL Blasts Woke Teacher-To-Be

Conservative commentator Anthony Brian Logan posted a video to his YouTube channel, giving his analysis on a clip of an apparent teacher-to-be reading a children’s book about “White Privilege.” In the original video, the “future teacher” is seen sitting down next to a laptop reading the book while wearing a sweatshirt that reads “Dear black women, thank you for saving America” in front of a backdrop of a “Black Lives Matter” flag and a “Pride” flag.

The book, clearly geared towards children, states in part, “white privilege is when people who are white have additional benefits, advantages and fewer barriers to overcome than people of color.” It also says, “white privilege could also be in things you don’t have to worry about that people of color do, like feeling unsafe when you walk past a police officer.”

The book also mentions the lack of dark-colored band-aids that might match the skin tone of black people and the nuisance of constantly getting asked the question, where are you really from? The clip ends with the woman reading a portion of the book that says, “I had a better shot at success. I had all these advantages even though I grew up without a dad, no money, and never really knew what tomorrow would look like.”

In his analysis, Logan, who is black, discusses the flags in the background and the sweatshirt worn by the woman. He goes on to say, “most heterosexual men have no place here, especially black men.” He makes the point that black women hold a higher position on the intersectionality chart than black men, unless the man dies at the hands of police, despite the reality and full context of the situation. He also suggests that the woman in the video and most people who share the viewpoint expressed in the book believe that whites are superior. He states, “they’ll say that white supremacy is evil, white supremacy is bad, and white supremacy is what’s keeping the black man down, but in order for them to say such a thing, they have to believe that whites are superior.”

In reference to the part of the book that says black people “feel unsafe” when in the presence of a police officer, he suggests going into the black community or “the hood” and asking the people, “do you want to defund the police, do you need more police or fewer police?” He confidently states that most residents would say they need more police citing the “chief complaint” in black communities across the country is that police don’t show up fast enough when called. He referenced a recent story out of the Atlanta area where city council member and “defund the police” advocate Antonio Brown was carjacked. When talking to the media about the incident, Brown complained that it took police too long to show up after calling them.

Logan concludes his video analysis by stating, “suffering has no color, poverty has no color” and that “the point is to teach children the proper thing, to teach kids the right thing and also to be age-appropriate….adults should not be trying to brainwash children in this way.”



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