Conservative Radio Station Cancels Co-Host for Joke About VP’s Clothing

Whether it’s false equivalence, extrapolation, gaslighting, etc., or just plain lying, the left has a cancellation quiver full of poison arrows. They will deploy whatever they need to cancel conservatives—and Democrats who think independently.

Recently, the left targeted Amber Athey, a conservative activist who writes for The Spectator, The Daily Caller, and other publications. She was, until they fired her, also a co-host of O’Connor & Company at WMAL-FM (a reputedly conservative radio station) in Washington, D.C.

Athey is no stranger to leftist assaults on her opinions. But they’ve had little success, until now, apparently, with the help of “conservative” WMAL. But, she told Tucker Carlson, she is not about to let them cancel her.

The left got Athey fired from her radio gig, using extrapolation—and lies. Radicals took a tame joke about the clothing Kamala Harris wore at the State of the Union address and turned it into a “racist joke.”

Recalling an old UPS commercial motto from 2002, “What can Brown do for you?”, Athey tweeted about the VP’s brown outfit. “Kamala looks like a UPS employee—what can brown do for you? Nothing, good, apparently.”

Athey said, “brown!” Oh, the humanity! Brown has been UPS’s ubiquitous corporate hue for over a century. But the left manufactured outrage anyway.

She says, “The Spectator…understands the fight against censorship…,” and they simply deleted the angry emails. WMAL wasn’t so understanding. They apparently buckled under a leftist pressure campaign and sacked her.

A week after the “joke,” WMAL and parent company Cumulus executives called Athey, said the tweet was “racist,” and that her on-air attempts to defend herself were “unacceptable.”

She also said the termination came after she’d made negative comments about “left-wing activists who want to chemically castrate children in the name of ‘gender affirmation.’”

Athey says the radio station gave her zero “opportunity to defend herself.” Appeals to reason fell on deaf ears. She believes Cumulus, which hosts conservative radio stations “has destroyed…” their “integrity and reputation….”

She wrote, “Political commentary is worthless if it can’t be used to speak truth to those in power without fear of professional consequences.”

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