Convicted Sex Offender Allegedly Commits Sex Crime Two Days After Release from Prison

New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams, described as a moderate Democrat and former NYPD police captain, will have his hands full addressing the crime surge that has occurred under a radical Democrat’s leadership.

Unlike most Democrat politicians in NYC, Adams has said he wants to get rid of the school mask mandate and restore NYPD’s plainclothes “anti-crime” teams. He’s also separating himself from other Democrats by asserting he is “conservative on crime.”

The people who elected him likely hope that is a sign Adams will restore a sense of law and order to counter this increase in crime under Mayor Bill de Blasio.

For example, the New York Post reported Howard Shaw, 38, described as a “sex fiend,” allegedly attempted to rape a 54-year-old woman who was jogging in Central Park two days after his release from prison.

Investigators said the attack occurred at about 7:54 a.m. on Randall’s Island. The suspect allegedly knocked the victim to the ground and “tried to pull her pants down.” A bystander interrupted the attack and called the police. NYPD responded and arrested Shaw.

Shaw is a registered sex offender.

In 2005, a court convicted him of two separate felonies for robbery and rape. The state has had Shaw incarcerated in the Green Haven Correction Facility until two days before this alleged sexual assault. His original rape conviction involved a 25-year-old Queens woman who he attacked while she was near her apartment throwing out the trash.

NYPD Inspector Michael King said the incident is under investigation, but some twists illustrate the city’s crime surge.

The Post says around 25 minutes before Shaw’s arrest, another woman was raped while jogging in Central Park. The suspect had knocked her down, choked her unconscious, and then raped her.

King said they initially thought Shaw might also be implicated in that sexual assault. But investigators got subway station surveillance video of the other suspect, who is white. Shaw is black.

Mayor-elect Adams’ experience as a police officer, police supervisor, and then in police management gives him a perspective on policing other candidates don’t have. This is probably why New York City voters decided he was the one they trusted to address the city’s crime crisis.

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