Cops Nab Goats Harassing Residents in Philly Neighborhood

When most people think of goats these days, they tend to think of athletes considered the Greatest of All Time. Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, and Wayne Gretzky, for example.

Well, Philadelphia can boast about recently having two goats in the city, but they don’t play for any sports teams—that we know of. Residents began calling 911 in the early morning hours to report two four-legged goats wandering around Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood.

While a goat or two with wanderlust may not raise eyebrows in places such as Amish Country, they will certainly attract attention when wanderlusting through residential neighborhoods of a major American city.

A Philly Voice story provides a link to a video on Twitter that shows police officers attempting to wrangle one goat into the back of a patrol car. mentions the cops eventually managed to deescalate the situation and coax the goats into separate patrol cars. The officers then drove the wayward goats to, according to CBS Philly, “their home about three blocks away.” Authorities have not revealed the goats’ owner’s identity or address, but CBS has identified the goats as Jack and Jill. There’s no word on the possibility these names are aliases.

There are unconfirmed rumors that the George Soros-funded, cop-hating Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner has ordered an investigation into the officers’ actions for possible wrongful arrest, to determine if the DA’s office should file charges against them. Krasner’s also rumored to be looking into any violation of the goats’ civil rights and will notify the U.S. DOJ if appropriate.

There are other even more disturbing but also unconfirmed reports that the DA has personally donated money to a new NGO called Philadelphia Goat Amnesty (PGA). PGA is a new bail fund (purportedly established by Kamala Harris). The group pays bail to get victim goats released from incarceration that they allege the cops have wrongly taken into custody.

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