County Executive Appoints Administrator Instead of Cop as Sheriff

King County, whose county seat is Seattle, has a new sheriff in town. KOMO News 4 reported that County Executive Dow Constantine has selected interim Sheriff Patti Cole-Tindall as its new permanent sheriff.

In 1996, residents voted to elect their sheriffs rather than have them appointed. But, curiously, during the last election, primarily Democrat voters relinquished their power to elect their sheriff to the county executive and council.

The controversial Constantine appointed Cole-Tindall as interim sheriff in January 2022. According to The Seattle Times,  she is not a traditional candidate for sheriff. She attended the police academy 30 years ago and has only 10 years of experience in law enforcement. Currently, she is not qualified to carry a gun as a cop.

Apparently, Constantine supported her specifically for her lack of police experience. Constantine said, “We got a lot of good applicants… but they were career police officers.” Apparently, being a “career police officer” is a deal-killer for Constantine. He noted, “She may be the least traditional candidate that we had to consider.”

Cole-Tindall is an in-house hire, and there are some reasons to hope for the best. Anyone Constantine chooses has his political taint, but comments from Mike Mansanarez, president of the King County Police Officers Guild (union), representing deputies and sergeants, were encouraging.

He “praised Cole-Tindall for ‘trying to steer the department off the rocks.’” He rejects claims she’s “part of the old guard” because she was promoted from within. King County is suffering from the same hiring and retention difficulties as other agencies.

After saying Cole-Tindall, unlike her predecessor, listens to deputies, Mansanarez concluded, “She’s not a cop, but she’s surrounded herself with cops to help her make decisions, she’s a great all-around manager.”

According to the Times, Cole-Tindall will be required to go through the state’s 19-week basic police academy. She’ll appoint an acting sheriff while she completes her training.

Hopefully, she’ll take advantage of the opportunities for camaraderie with cop instructors and fellow recruits who will be hitting the streets. She’ll also see firsthand the ridiculous CRT training disguised as police training now taught to officers.

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