Covid Vaccine Given To Entire Family Including Two Small Children Instead Of The Flu Shot

A family out of Evansville, Indiana, is still shocked after finding out their Walgreens technician vaccinated their family from Covid without their permission. Through their attorney, Daniel Tuley, the family claimed that they went to their local Walgreens to get vaccinated against the flu. But, after leaving, the store called the family and admitted they were given the Covid vaccine instead of the flu shot.

According to Tuley, the two children, maybe as young four-years-old, were taken to a pediatric cardiologist, where it was discovered the children were both “showing signs of heart issues.” Tuley told 14 News that Walgreens had issued the family vaccination cards for the Pfizer vaccine.

The pharmaceutical giant recently submitted a request to the FDA to approve its Covid vaccine for emergency use in children ages 5-11 but only for 1/3 of the typical adult dose. The children were allegedly given full adult doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

The family’s attorney said the youngest child has been sick “with a fever and a cough” since receiving the Pfizer vaccine on October 4.

Walgreens told 14 News due to privacy laws, the company couldn’t release a statement regarding the incident but that “in general,” an accusation this serious would be “rare, and Walgreens takes these matters very seriously.”


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