Credit Card Companies Pause Fascist Tracking of Gun Purchases

Within days of Discover credit card announcing they were joining other credit card companies in tracking customers’ firearms purchases, they paused the plan due to public pushback. Now, those other companies have announced they will also suspend their “decision to track gun shop purchases.” 

The AP reported, “Visa and Mastercard paused their decision to start categorizing purchases at gun shops, a significant win for conservative groups and Second Amendment advocates who felt that tracking gun shop purchases would inadvertently discriminate against legal firearms purchases.”

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The AP also said, “After Visa and Mastercard announced their plans to implement a separate merchant category code for gun shop purchases, the payment networks got significant pushback from the gun lobby as well as conservative politicians. A group of 24 GOP state attorneys general wrote a letter to the payment networks threatening legal action against Visa and Mastercard if they moved forward with their plan.”

To specifically track consumers’ legal purchases of an item the Constitution affirms Americans have a right to keep and bear seems at least unethical even if supposedly well-intended. But, as Americans are learning about social media (pre-Elon Musk Twitter) and Big Tech’s apparent conspiracy with the government (Biden regime) to censor conservatives, if we find out that credit card companies are tracking gun purchases in a similar arrangement with the government, Americans will be right to wonder about its legality. 

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According to Bloomberg, “The push to adopt the new code was led by Amalgamated Bank CEO Priscilla Sims Brown. In November, Brown said banks were developing technology to identify potential mass shooters by creating detection scenarios’ that, if triggered, would prompt banks to file a Suspicious Activity Report to the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.”

These efforts are transparent attempts to further (backdoor) infringe on Americans’ self-defense rights by either woke companies acting independently. Or, is it possible that these companies are acting either implicitly or explicitly to appease the federal government?

That doesn’t even seem farfetched, these days.

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