The Daily Wire Takes A Strong Stance Against the Biden Administration’s Vaccine Mandates.

The Daily Wire’s CEO and Co-Founder, Jeremy Boering, fired back at President Biden’s vaccine mandates sharing that his company will not comply. On Thursday, September 9, The Biden Administration announced that all federal employees, including contracted employees and private businesses with 100 or more employees, must be vaccinated or undergo weekly testing. Violators of the mandate will be subject to $14,000 fines per violation. Boering and The Daily Wire are willing to do whatever it takes to fight the vaccine mandates.

In a video message posted late Thursday, Boering announced, “The Daily Wire does have more than 100 employees, but we won’t be enforcing Joe Biden’s unconstitutional and tyrannical vaccine mandate. That’s it, we’ll use every tool at our disposal, including legal action to resist.”

In the video, Boering explained that just because he is against vaccine mandates, he is not against the Covid-19 vaccine. He even credits the vaccine’s speed and development as one of the Trump Administration’s greatest accomplishments. Boering worries about the strain this will put on small businesses, as well as the government’s overreach on people’s liberties.

Additionally, Boering asked, “What are we gonna do with all these new liabilities that we incur from injecting ourselves into the private health decisions of our employees?” Boering, as well as many other critics, think these mandates are unconstitutional. Boering called the mandates tyrannical and totalitarian. Biden is using OSHA, comprised of unelected bureaucrats, to force small businesses to be the enforcement arm of the federal government. Boering concluded his video by saying, “We’ve already retained legal counsel, and we’re prepared to go to battle with this administration to put an end to their unconstitutional bu****it.”

Editor Emeritus of The Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro, also weighed in and reiterated that his company would not be complying. He appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss the President’s order. He said, “I think that he’s made a huge tactical legal blunder here…think that there’s every possibility that something like this goes to the Supreme Court level, and suddenly we see a complete rewriting of the administrative state because Joe Biden couldn’t get his act in order.”

Boering hopes his message inspires other companies to join him in fighting back. He stated, “There’s got to be a line, and for us, this is it. So Joe, hard pass.” The Daily Wire is joined by states standing up to fight the administration’s new vaccine mandate.


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