‘Defund The Police’ Mayoral Candidate Has His Vehicle Stolen, And Calls Cops

On Thursday in Atlanta mayoral candidate, Antonio Brown, who voted to defund the police, was carjacked by a group of young kids.

According to the police, the incident happened along Verbena Street in northwest Atlanta at about 11:45 a.m.

Brown had attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a Dunkin’ and Baskin-Robbins combination store on Moreland Avenue earlier in the morning, according to the councilman’s Instagram account.

The Atlanta City Councilman decided to park his car while speaking to Ben Norman in a Northwest Atlanta community. According to a police report, he was only a few feet away from the 2016 Mercedes 450 and noticed four children between the ages of 8-12 walking around a nearby store. That’s when “several males entered his unlocked car and drove away with it,” police said.

In 2020, Brown voted in support of legislation to defund $73 million from the budget of the Atlantic Police Department. He recently launched his city mayor campaign three weeks ago and is running on the platform of “reimagining public safety.”

Brown has since then responded via Instagram and insisted that instead of pressing charges, he would rather use the situation to “mentor and guide” the carjackers to avoid “forcing them into the legal system.”

That did not stop him from calling the cops at the time of the theft.

“I’m not going to press [charges] against these little kids if that means forcing them into a criminal legal system that will give them a permanent record that is going to ruin their lives…we need to provide wrap-around services…while letting them know this kind of activity is not okay.” Brown said.

As crime skyrockets throughout the city, more and more innocent people are becoming victims. Just recently, the famous rapper, Akon, had his SUV stolen while he was fueling up the vehicle at a gas station in Atlanta Tuesday night, according to police reports. And to make matters worse, because of the recent lack of funding for the city’s police department, officers’ response time to crime has become increasingly high.

When the operator asked if the rapper had contacted the police, he explained he did, but law enforcement was taking a while to arrive.

“They’ve been on their way for a whole hour,” Akon says.

Defunding of police is an increasingly serious situation. We must continue to support them as they risk their lives to protect the civil liberties of all citizens.


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