Democrat Senator’s Family Largest Shareholder In Whites-Only Beach Club

Democrat Sen. Whitehouse, his wife, and both of their extended families have been members of one of Rhode Island’s “white-only” beach clubs for decades. GoLocal News Editor Kate Nagle broke the story in 2017 of Sen. Whitehouse’s failure to live up to his campaign promise. While running for the United States Senate, Whitehouse promised he would be leaving the not one but two whites-only clubs – Bailey’s Beach Club and the all-male, all-white Bellevue Avenue Reading Room. That same reporter found that Sen. Whitehouse still hasn’t made good on an almost 15-year campaign promise.

Nagle forced Whitehouse, a vocal anti-Trump critic, back in 2017 to answer his continued memberships at the exclusive clubs. Sen. Whitehouse said at the time, “I think it would be nice if they [Bailey’s Beach Club] changed a little bit, but it’s not my position.” He said he would speak to the Club about changing the policy to let other races into the Club with the members “privately.”

Another reporter from the same publication asked Sen. Whitehouse why he and his family are still members of the exclusive, whites-only Bailey’s Beach Club in Newport, Rhode Island, a.k.a. Spouting Rock Beach Association. The reporter also asked Sen. Whitehouse if there were an update on the number of minorities allowed to join the Club since he last said he would help facilitate change.

Whitehouse responded to the question saying, “I think the people who are running the place are still working on that, and I’m sorry it hasn’t happened yet.”

Whitehouse claims that the Club’s whites-only membership is “a long tradition in Rhode Island, and there are many of them. He said he thinks the club needs “to work our way through the issues.”

Last year Sen. Whitehouse was one of many elected officials quick to support the social justice causes, including joining other members of the Senate Democratic Caucus to share in a moment of silence for George Floyd, Ahmaud Abrery, and Breonna Taylor.

At the remembrance, Whitehouse blamed then-President Trump for “toiling to deepen the fault lines in American life.” He said, “We hear the voices of the peaceful protestors who have marched. We can and must do better to root out systemic racism in its many forms and meet America’s full promise of justice for all.”

Unfortunately for Sen. Whitehouse, the books show he transferred the shares of his ownership in the members-only Club to his wife, who is now one of the largest shareholders. The GoLocal report states, “The Whitehouse family continues to be members of Bailey’s Beach Club, also known by its legal name Spouting Rock Beach Association, and according to members GoLocal has spoken with, Sandra Whitehouse is at the facilities most summer days.”

How long does it really take for the Club to say yes to members who aren’t white? If any member at this type of Club could make a passionate plea for “systemic racism” to be rooted out, it is Mrs. Whitehouse. The report states she is at the Club all summer. Why isn’t Mrs. Whitehouse asking to let other races into their elitist all-white social Club?

Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeted, “A white member of the U.S. Senate is also a member of an all-white beach club. Democrats would be outraged if he wasn’t already a Democrat.”



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