Democrats in California Propose a Four-Day Work Week

A new bill proposed in California would reduce the 40-hour workweek to a 32-hour workweek for companies with more than 500 employees. The bill, AB-2932 would keep the traditional 8-hour workday, but force employers to pay overtime for people working more than 32 hours per week.

The bill also requires employers to pay double the wage for working more than seven days a week or more than 12 hours per day. This would result in an approximately 25% increase in hourly pay. Those employees working more than 32 hours per week would be paid time and a half. 

This new bill would affect about 2,600 companies in the state. 

One of the co-sponsors of the bill, Cristina Garcia, stated:

“We’ve seen over 47 million people voluntarily leave their jobs for better opportunities. We’re seeing a labor shortage across the board from small to big businesses. And so it’s very clear that employees don’t want to go back to normal or the old way, but to rethink and go back to [something] better.”

The California Chamber of Commerce opposed the bill due to it potentially killing jobs across the state. The Chamber president said, “Significantly increases labor costs by imposing an overtime pay requirement after 32 hours and other requirements that are impossible to comply with, exposing employers to litigation under the Private Attorneys General Act.”

The Chamber of Commerce believes this will hurt further job creation in the state.  

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