Democrats Introduce Bill to Make Oregon a Safe Haven for Child Sex Changes and Abortion

Oregon Democrats have introduced a bill to make the state a safe haven for teens seeking sex change operations and abortions. The bill also aims to protect doctors who perform these procedures in states where they are illegal. According to the Free Beacon, the Reproductive Health and Access to Care Act would eliminate parental consent for abortions and classify facial reconstruction surgery and hair removal as medically necessary services, requiring insurers to cover them. Additionally, the bill would permit children as young as 15 to undergo sex change operations without parental knowledge. This bill is part of a broader trend in blue states seeking to make these procedures accessible to minors.

Oregon House Speaker Dan Rayfield introduced the legislation in response to the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade. On the abortion front, the bill would grant girls of any age access to free procedures without parental knowledge and unfettered access to abortion pills. On the transgender policy front, it would require Medicaid and private insurance coverage for all sex-change procedures, including genital constructions. The legislation would also extend liability coverage to doctors in states that ban gender alterations for minors. The bill passed its first legislative committee vetting on Monday after four-and-a-half hours of testimony.

The bill has faced opposition from detransitioners and women who regret their abortions. Additionally, transgender activist Seth Johnstone argued that Oregon should pass the bill to prevent transgender people from killing themselves. The legislative committee’s ultimate approval of the bill comes as progressive European countries pull back support for transgender-boosting policies.

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