Dems Panic as GOP Takes House and Trump Announces Run, Appoint Special Counsel

The petty U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has weaponized the DOJ against Biden’s political opponents

Gaslighting isn’t as effective if you don’t put the right players in the right positions to make someone believe something that isn’t true, like the supposed devastation that happened on 1/6.

Take AG Merrick Garland. Former President Donald Trump’s announcement that he will run for a second term barely stopped reverberating when Garland announced another special counsel to investigate Trump—again. For something they want Americans to believe he did that he didn’t do.

Gaslight, 1944 movie

The Dems need to find a new name for the office because they use “special counsel” so often it’s anything but special. But, since Dems absurdly equate the Jan. 6th, likely FBI-involved, riot with Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and the Civil War, Garland has, according to the New York Post, “appointed a veteran prosecutor currently investigating alleged crimes against humanity in Kosovo….”  

So, since 1/6 laid waste to the Capitol, why not a war crimes prosecutor? Still, it’s surprising that Garland appointee Jack Smith, who seems to have had a stellar career as a prosecutor, would associate with radical activist Democrats who’ve so obviously weaponized the DOJ/FBI.

But, Never-Trumpers come in all sizes. They seem to forget how history describes people who abuse their authority.

Especially when they blatantly ignore exculpatory evidence, such as Lara Logan recently tweeted

Oh, (spoiler alert) the Dem DOJ will likely use this fake special prosecutor to indict former President Trump. They have to, don’t they? After all, they broke all historical precedents by raiding Trump’s home while leaving Hillary Clinton unmolested despite evidence she actually destroyed classified materials. They served the bogus warrant to prevent him from running. It didn’t work. Now, they’re panicking. To hurt Trump, they don’t need a conviction. They believe an indictment might hurt just enough.

The White House said, “We were not aware of this investigation.” The same fib the Biden regime told about the Mar-a-Lago raid. 

Smith said his intent is to “conduct the assigned investigations… in the best traditions of the Department of Justice.” If that’s true, he’s going to have to apply DOJ traditions existing prior to Garland’s appointment as AG.

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