Dennis Prager Offers a Pro-American Alternative to Biden’s “Buffalo Speech.”

Politicians play politics. It’s an occupational hazard. But there used to be guardrails to preserve a general decorum. For example, before pouncing on a tragic incident, like the recent horrendous murders in Buffalo, politicians used to respectfully pause, allowing for reflection and for loved ones to mourn.

But, as with other American traditions, the Democrats have obliterated this convention. The divisive speech Joe Biden delivered in Buffalo, N.Y., following a madman killing 10 people and wounding three in a grocery store, demonstrates it.

Rather than a consoling, unifying speech, Biden mumbled a partisan screed intentionally composed to alienate at least half the nation. He, again, accused his political opponents of being violent white supremacists. How could such a vile sentiment pass through the lips of any American President?

In response, Prager U founder and venerable radio host, Dennis Prager, offered Americans a more healing (more factual), pro-American speech. Prager opens with this truth: “My fellow Americans, this is a fundamentally decent society.” This opening salve is unequivocal. He says that the “sick young man…” does not represent America.

Prager reminds people there will always be “sick people” with “sick ideas.” However, he emphasizes that the U.S. is “the most multiracial, multireligious, multicultural, multinational country in the history of the world.” This fact is repugnant to leftists.

He adds reassuring words most black Americans already know, that the killer represents “an infinitesimally small segment of the white population.” And the killer wasn’t just a racist. Most prominently, he was mentally deranged, and everyone who knew him knew that.

Prager concludes the speech, stressing the rarity of such incidents. “It was as if those people in that supermarket were struck by lightning.” True, but the 24/7 news cycle and left-biased emphasis on such tragic events create the illusion they are abundant.

Beginning the rest of the article, Prager, a sober, measured scholar, called Biden, “a thug.” Then he acknowledged, “I’ve never called a president a bad name in my 40 years of broadcasting.”

When leftists spend so much time trashing traditions, it’s only natural conservatives like Prager may be forced to break some of theirs.

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