Department of Justice Reportedly Close to Settling for ‘Significant Fine’ with Hunter Biden 

Hunter Biden

A new report revealed that the FBI investigation into Hunter Biden “appears to be coming to a head.” The New York Times reported that prosecutors investigating Biden’s taxes and overseas consulting business recently convened to determine whether to proceed with the high-profile case. 

According to the report, the Justice Department is expected to make a final decision in the coming months on whether to press criminal or civil charges or try to reach a settlement that could include a “significant fine.” The report also explained that if prosecutors want to press charges against the president’s 52-year-old son, allies prefer a settlement. Attorney General Merrick Garland will have the final word on any decision.

In recent months, a grand jury in Wilmington, Delaware, has been gathering evidence. Additionally, Republicans in Congress have stated they would launch an investigation into the president’s son if they regain control of one or both chambers of Congress in this year’s midterm elections. 

Since 2018, the federal government has been investigating Biden’s financial activities, which include millions of dollars in transactions and money transfers linked to Ukraine, China, and Russia. In April of last year, Biden claimed to be “100% certain” that he will be exonerated of wrongdoing after revealing the existence of an investigation into his tax troubles shortly after the 2020 election.

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