Deputy Carter Under Fire for Disrespecting Fallen Officer French

Officer Ella French’s murder has shocked the world. Understandably her fellow officers on the Chicago Police Department wanted to pay their respects. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Officers preparing to give Ella French a ceremonial send-off with the traditional playing of the bagpipes were silenced by the second in command of the Chicago Police Department.

First Deputy Supt. Eric Carter is being called out for disrespecting fallen Officer French. Carter was the one that reportedly decided to cut the ceremony for Officer French short. The report claimed that First Deputy Supt. Carter was heard on recorded audio demanding the Chicago Fire Department ambulance used to transport Officer French be denied the bagpipe ceremony.

“We don’t have 20 minutes for this s***,” Carter was allegedly recorded telling the Chicago Fire Department. “We’re not waiting on the bagpipes. Go ahead and get the vehicle inside. Take it all the way inside. Do not stop.”

Many people in the community immediately spoke out against Carter’s actions. Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7 released a statement explaining that they have officially entered a log into Carter’s file due to the Chicago Police Department’s inaction.

“A log number was generated (2021-0003162) against 1st Deputy Eric Carter today by @FOP7Chicago President Catanzara. Carter’s actions were disgraceful, and since the @Chicago_Police Department refuses to hold him accountable like they would rank and file, it’s left to us,” the tweet said.

The Lodge also asked any members of the Chicago Police Department that witnesses Carter’s actions to join in on the fight.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that it wasn’t just the Fraternal Order of Police that saw an issue with Carter disrespecting Officer French. Former Chicago Police Supt. Gary McCarthy said what Carter did was “inexcusable.” He said that in his time as Chicago’s Police Superintendent, he found that handling the family and friends of a slain officer took humility.

He said, “the sensitivity of an officer being killed. The handling of the family. The handling of the body. It’s kind of sacred.”

Mayor Lightfoot took up for First Deputy Supt. Eric Carter at a recent press conference according to ABC7. She claimed that Carter decided not to honor Officer French because of the threat of Covid. She said, “Eric Carter made the right call, I support what he did, and I’m horrified that in this moment, people are trying to savage him for whatever agenda or purposes.”

In the same press conference, reporters asked why she proceeded upstairs to see Officer French’s wounded partner after his family specifically requested, she stay away. Mayor Lightfoot reportedly responded, “My role as mayor when I go to a hospital is to be there to show support, to make sure that city services are there and we’re being responsive to the needs of whoever it is, so come on, gimme a break.”

Former Chicago Police Supt. McCarthy told the Chicago Sun-Times that breaking this tradition for a fallen officer just doesn’t happen no matter the circumstances. He said, “There’s always enough time. Let’s put it that way. If we had to wait two or three days, I would have done it.”


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