DeSantis Gaining Momentum Over Trump for 2024 Primary

Both Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis can be destructive to the Democrats. But many Republicans feel that while DeSantis fires a weapon fitted with laser sights, Donald Trump pulls the pin and rolls a grenade into a warehouse—and then following it inside. It’ll do damage but to whom?

Donald & Melania Trump and Ron & Casey DeSantis

TTR founder Brandon Tatum addressed this issue in a recent video. The Officer Tatum said, “Donald Trump needs to slow down just a little bit because… being nasty with people isn’t a winning strategy. Him getting into it with Candace Owens. Him having beefs with Ron DeSantis. These are your allies.”

Even though supporters have always been uncomfortable with some of the things Trump has said or tweeted in the past, the targets have typically been political opponents and enemies. Lately, he’s been recklessly attacking his friends and supporters.  

Owens said Trump was upset with her for something the Daily Beast reported she’d said that she didn’t say. Owens said the next time she saw Trump after the dust-up, he was very rude. She said he believed the story without first checking with her.


But she’s just one in a growing line of Trump supporters to feel his knee-jerk venom. Now add to Owens and DeSantis, Glenn Younkin, and Winsome Sears.

This could be why, according to the New York Post, “A new national poll gives Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis a 7-point edge over former President Donald Trump in a potential presidential primary battle, the first survey of the 2024 cycle to do so — and the first poll since February 2016 to point to a weakening of Trump’s GOP dominance. The YouGov poll found that 42% of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents prefer DeSantis over Trump as the party’s 2024 standard-bearer, while 35% of those surveyed remain in the 45th president’s corner.”

Reportedly, Trump is expected to announce his 2024 candidacy tomorrow. Unfortunately, his attacks on allies have dulled the luster for many conservatives and Republicans. Sadly, the 2024 primary has been Trump’s to lose (and maybe still is), but only if he gets out of his own way.    

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