Detroit PD Changes Could Signify a Facelift for Michigan Leadership

Marmee Rooke

This week, a major announcement came out of Detroit when the 44-year law enforcement veteran Police Chief James Craig called a press conference. Chief Craig announced he would be retiring from his position after serving as Detroit’s Police Chief for 8-years.

“I am voluntarily leaving,” Detroit New reported Cheif Craig said, addressing the crowd. The Chief said, “We saw what happened to many chiefs across this country.” Craig, of course, referring to the disrespectful way our law enforcement is treated since the Democrats started their mainstream media race war narrative.

He told the press, “Some were forced out, some retired because they didn’t feel supported, and some were fired. I’m leaving in a good place.” Detroit’s top cop is said to be eyeing Gretchen Whitmer’s job as Michigan’s governor.

Craig told the crowd that he wasn’t ruling out the run at the press conference but said instead that “today is not a day for politics.” Sources told The Detroit News that not only does Craig plan to “run for Michigan’s governor’s seat” but that he plans to do so as a Republican. Rather than deny his bid for governor, Chief Craig told the publication, “I’m a lifelong public servant. I want to continue to serve.”

Chief Craig said that meeting with his executive team Monday morning was “emotional.” Detroit’s Mayor, Mike Duggan, praised the Cheif’s “stabilizing” presence during his tenure. Mayor Duggan said that when “morale was at an all-time low, Chief Craig brought professionalism to the police department.”

Chief Craig said, “It was emotional. I know we’re a much better department today, but it’s been a lot of work. Until my final day, my focus will be to continue to lead this department and work closely with the mayor until he chooses the next Chief.

In Detroit, the mayor will pick from a list of candidates chosen by the Police Board of Commissioners. The mayor’s pick will then be voted on by Detroit’s City Council, stacked with leftists that push for BLM curriculum and public policy.


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