Did Biden Regime Get Alex Berenson Kicked Off Twitter?

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To defend their restricting people’s free speech, the Left often retreats to the notion that private businesses are not restricted by the Constitution. This is true unless they are acting as agents of the government.

This issue has arisen with independent journalist Alex Berenson’s revelations about Twitter’s apparent cooperation with the Biden regime. Twitter had permanently banned Berenson in 2021 for “health and political misinformation…,” much of which has since been validated. And it may not be only Berenson.

As Clay Travis tweeted, “Did Biden White House ask for @Twitter to shut down my account like they did for @AlexBerenson? I’m on same graphic WH cited. My crime? Arguing against lockdowns, advocating for open schools, opposing mandatory masking, & pointing out natural immunity erased need for covid shots.”


Berenson, on Substack, quoted Twitter employee communications from a White House meeting in April 2021. “one really tough question [Biden regime officials asked] about [was] why Alex Berenson hasn’t been kicked off from the platform.”

According to FOX News, “Substack writer Alex Berenson shared internal communications from Twitter that revealed the White House inquired about why his account had not been banned, according to findings from his lawsuit with the tech giant.”

Berenson has suspected the Biden regime “may have played a role in his deplatforming….” He posted screenshots of a conversation between Twitter employees, following a meeting with “White House officials,” which appear to confirm his suspicions.

The Wall Street Journal wrote, “Mr. Berenson has been a vocal critic of government lockdowns, mask mandates and mRNA vaccines. Mr. Berenson sued the company [Twitter] for, among other things, removing him in violation of its own stated policies. In settling the lawsuit last month, Twitter acknowledged it erred in banning Mr. Berenson and agreed to restore his account.”

On Substack, Berenson quoted the Twitter employee who reviewed his supposed violations. “I’ve taken a pretty close look at his account and I don’t think any of it’s violative….”

It seems Berenson’s revelation may only scratch the proverbial surface of this effort by the Biden regime to silence Americans, which may be broader in scope than many people imagine.

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