Did Cop-Hater Website Put “Bounties” on LA Cops After Personal Info Release?

It’s not enough that all cops have targets painted on their chests while out in public. That’s part of the job. But it also doesn’t seem enough that aside from the bull’s eye, today’s cop-haters have officers under an electron microscope. Nothing is enough for people who loathe police officers. 

According to FOX News, “The Los Angeles Police Protective League is taking legal action against the owner of the ‘killer cop’ website, alleging that he placed a bounty on them after releasing their headshots and other personal information.” 

Attorneys filed the lawsuit to get three officers’ personal information “removed from the killercop.com website.” Though police officers are public employees, releasing their photos and personal information puts them in more danger than the general public and most other government employees. What officials release to the public must be balanced with the danger it exposes police officers and their families to. 

But that’s not happening at too many law enforcement agencies, including the LAPD. FOX also reported, “the Los Angeles Police Department released pictures and names of thousands of officers, including those who work undercover, in response to a public records request.”

On “Fox & Friends First,” LAPD Detective Jamie McBride said, “he believes the ‘reckless behavior’ will ‘incite violence’ against police officers.” 

“This is uncharted territory for all of us,” McBride told FOX, unique in his “32-year career.”

McBride added, “These officers are very dedicated to what they’re doing in their investigations. They’re going to take precautions now and constantly look over their back on their way home from work.”

The detective also noted the danger to officers “when they’re out with their families.” 

But it gets worse. The suit calls attention to Steven Sutcliffe, the owner of copkiller.com, who has lit up with halogen lights those targets on cops’ chests when he “allegedly suggested there would be a monetary reward for the killing of LAPD officers and detectives.” 

And even worse, during the info dump, McBride said the LAPD “accidentally released the information of the undercover officers, many of whom work with the Mexican Mafia and drug cartels.” 


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