Did the FBI Pull Security Clearances of Employees Who Attended Trump Jan. 6th Rally?

On the heels of increased scrutiny of the FBI over allegations of agents and informants instigating the Jan. 6th D.C. riots, the New York Post is now reporting, “The FBI is suspending the security clearances of employees who attended the rally before last year’s Capitol riot, according to a prominent Republican congressman.”

It appears the FBI may be punishing employees who have done nothing wrong. The Post notes that employees who haven’t been “charged with crimes are having their First Amendment rights trampled.”

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan wrote a letter to Christopher Wray, the FBI director. He mentioned a military veteran, who served “for over 20 years… has been working for the FBI for more than a decade” who apparently had his clearance severed.

Jordan wrote that whistleblowers reported the targeted FBI employees attended a public event, did not enter the Capitol, have had no charges filed against them, “and have not been contacted by law enforcement….”

It appears, like so many other Americans, including cops, who’ve been harassed, fired from their jobs, or even investigated, arrested, and jailed, for attending a political rally, the FBI may now be similarly targeting its employees.

Jordan wrote, “While FBI employees may not participate in partisan political campaigns, FBI employees do not give up their rights to engage in political speech activity. We have serious concerns that the FBI appears to be retaliating against employees for engaging in political speech disfavored by FBI leadership.”

Withdrawing an employee’s security clearance would “effectively terminate…” them. Employees must maintain their clearances to do their jobs.

Neither Congress nor the FBI has conducted any serious investigations into hundreds of violent BLM/Antifa riots, over many months, costing billions of dollars. But, the Post notes that the DOJ, including the FBI, has charged nearly 800 Jan 6th “suspects” with crimes (mostly misdemeanor trespassing).

Rep. Jordan encapsulates, writing, “The totality of the FBI’s actions as relayed to us present the appearance that the FBI may be retaliating against these employees for disfavored political speech.”

Jordan says this assessment is bolstered by “documented examples of political bias ingrained [in] the FBI’s leadership culture….”

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