Disney Pixar’s ‘Lightyear’ Underperforms at Box Office, Pales in Comparison to Other Major Pictures

Disney’s Pixar Animation Studios’ latest motion picture Lightyear has grossed a mere fraction of the anticipated revenue over the weekend.

The prequel to the Toy Story series highlights the life and tale of the beloved Buzz Lightyear character, however, Disney/Pixar’s agenda stems far beyond unraveling the origin story of the space ranger.

Banned in over 14 countries across the middle east and Asia over the depiction of a kiss shared by a lesbian couple while holding a child, its sales infer the people have spoken. Still, Disney blames “pandemic habits”, stating that much of the public is still unwilling to attend movie theaters?

This may seem like a valid argument, if other films with recent releases weren’t smashing the box office on opening weekend. According to the Wall Street Journal, Top Gun: Maverick, Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Jurassic World Dominion each garnered $153 million, $187.4 million and $143 million in sales, respectively, with the former breaking a Memorial Day weekend box office record.

In comparison, Lightyear grossed $51 million.

The reality is parents have drawn a clear line in the sand in light of recent societal and cultural happenings in which children are largely affected. They want their children to enjoy actual family friendly entertainment free of agendas that prohibit kids from just being kids. The impressionable and vulnerable minds of children are subject to much persuasion and grooming, but the parents have spoken.

Grooming and indoctrination of children will not be tolerated, and Lightyear’s sales are only one example.

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