Do Polls Suggest New York Democrat Voters Are Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome

It seems New York Democrat voters may be suffering from a form of Stockholm syndrome, where kidnap victims develop an affinity for their kidnappers. Both of New York’s most recent governors, combined, have held their constituents CCP virus hostages for more than two years.

According to FOX News, disgraced ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo is considering another run for his old job. He’d be challenging the replacement governor, Kathy Hochul, in the Democrat primary.

It’s like the old, “frying pan-fire” dilemma without knowing which one is the pan and which is the fire.

FOX News also reported “poll suggests competitive primary…” if Cuomo runs. With both vying for the title of most authoritarian NY governor during the “pandemic,” Democrats seem oddly okay with rewarding one or the other with the governor’s office.

The CCP virus facilitated leftist propaganda, leading to mass hysteria, leading to mass psychosis. This phenomenon is one plausible explanation for Siena College poll results that show Cuomo at 30 percent, and 38 percent for Hochul “his handpicked successor….”

State Rep. Tom Suozzi and Jumaane Williams, the other Democrat challengers, are at 10 percent and seven percent, respectively. How even the Democrats aren’t bolting from Cuomo and Hochul is baffling. Many Democrats are aghast at voting Republican. But, after the proven harm these Democrat governors have perpetrated against New Yorkers for two years, how can they even think about voting for Hochul or Cuomo?

On the Republican side, polls show U.S. Congressman Lee Zeldin has a significant lead over former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino and Andrew Giuliani, Rudy’s son and a former special assistant to President Donald Trump.

But, as The Daily Gazette noted, can “a Trump-supporting conservative who…” doubted “the results of the 2020 presidential election… become governor of a heavily Democratic state like New York?”

Normally, this would be a solid “no,” but 2020 was not normal. With Joe Biden’s poll numbers in the sewer, dragging other Democrats down with him, a Republican just may have a shot even in New York. It all depends on whether the Democrat victims of the authoritarian “kidnappers” can be intellectually honest about their candidates’ tyranny.

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