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Don Lemon Has Another Meltdown

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CNN’s Don Lemon slammed his colleague, former Sen. Rick Santorum, last night after his interview with Chris Cummo, attempting to address his remarks about Native Americans. During the Standing Up for Faith and Freedom conference, Santorum spoke about the importance of religious freedom at the event hosted by Young America’s Foundation.

“We birthed a nation from nothing,” he said. “I mean, there was nothing here. I mean, yes we have Native Americans but candidly there isn’t much Native American culture in American culture. It was born of the people who came here, pursuing religious liberty to practice their faith.”

Several media outlets and news hosts raced to condemn and berate Santorum’s remarks and have called for CNN to remove him as a senior political commentator permanently. In a segment last night, Don Lemon described Santorum’s comments as “horrible and insulting.”

Santorum’s comments also received criticism from multiple Native American groups. The president of the National Congress of American Indians, Fawn Sharp, spoke with the HuffPost saying, “Rick Santorum is an unhinged and embarrassing racist who disgraces CNN and an other media company that provides him a platform.”

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The Executive director of IllumiNative, Crystal EchoHawk, has also released a press statement condemning the former Senator’s remarks. “American history that does not include Native people is a lie,” she said. “And Rick Santorum is fueling white supremacy by erasing the history of Native peoples.” She, like several others, has called on CNN to remove Santorum as an analyst permanently.

Last Monday, Santorum released a statement to the HuffPost explaining that he “had no intention of minimizing or in any way devaluing Native American culture.” CNN has yet to comment on the issue.

Although Santorum’s remarks have faced heavy backlash, it’s evident that his intentions regarding the development of religious liberty were horribly misconstrued. Santorum never claimed that Native American’s are not a vital part of our country’s history. Instead, he highlighted the importance of religious freedom and how it came to form today’s country.

Don Lemon’s attempt to smear Rick Santorum’s reputation reveals the detest legacy media companies have for conservative figures like CNN.

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