Don’t Stuff the Thanksgiving Turkey with Partisan Politics

How often have you gotten into a heated political discussion at Thanksgiving, and one of you stopped and said, “Wow! I never looked at it that way. You are brilliant, and I’m an idiot. Can you ever forgive me? Oh, and when is your next climate change pub crawl? I’m there!”

Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

Somewhere around never, right? But your uncle, who doesn’t like American traditions, brought a side dish of leftism. He can’t separate politics and family.

One common tactic is the passive-aggressive donning of a political t-shirt. 

“Oh, crap!” Your niece, who’s renamed herself, Treasure, says, “I spilled cranberry sauce on my BLM shirt.”

Why do so many leftists think it’s a good idea to discuss partisan politics with family? In 2019, the Federalist reported, “According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, one in six Americans stopped talking to a friend or family member over the results of the 2016 election.” That likely expanded exponentially over the 2020 election debacle.

Back in 2015, Investors Business Daily reported that most Americans will follow Thanksgiving traditions, expressing what they are thankful for and perhaps discussing the football game on in the background. “But for the Democrats, Thanksgiving is just a chance to ruin a fine holiday.” 

Ruin it because of that infamous time in 1620 when 102 Trump-Republican Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, ate Thanksgiving dinner with the Wampanoag Indians, and then annihilated a continent. 


The left believes not only are they so right about everything but also that you are so wrong about everything. That’s okay. Think how you want. But, pushing it, they want to force you to believe as they do.

The difference may stem from the conservative/libertarian tendency toward the Judeo-Christian faith or, at least, philosophy. But leftists/socialists tend to prefer politics over religion or even spirituality. Isn’t politics the leftists’ new religion?

Artist Rendition of the first Thanksgiving

The division exists because conservatives/libertarians revere limited government, American traditions, and individual liberty, while leftists/socialists worship big government control. Leftists aren’t satisfied with pursuing an ideology for personal development. They need you to pursue it too. Perhaps this explains the leftist urge to discuss politics at Thanksgiving dinner and everywhere else, too. For the radical left, propriety is no longer a priority.

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