Double Standard! “This Is A Red Pilled America!” [VIDEO]

Host of Fox News’ ‘The Five’, Greg Gutfeld blasted the media’s double standard with regard to political violence, saying on Thursday that consistency was what made conservatives different.

Gutfeld contended that vandalism and violence were bad no matter who the perpetrators were. What set conservatives apart was that they did not pick and choose which violent mobs to condemn.

“Vandalism and looting, whether it is D.C., Portland, Soho, Kenosha, Minneapolis, Seattle, it’s all bad no matter who he’s doing it,” Gutfeld began. “We must remain consistent. That’s what makes us different from the rest. We don’t play favorites with mobs. The other side does, but we don’t.”

Gutfeld went on to note that for him it was personal, because over the summer he had seen his own neighborhood trashed.

“I heard a pundit say that even Republicans are outraged by this behavior,” Gutfeld continued. “Duh. Republicans are always outraged by bad behavior, because they consistently, consistently embrace law and order, and condemn the destruction of private and public property. I do believe the Capitol is a sacred place. I also believe that the guy who invested his life savings in a small business, to him, that was a sacred place, too. So it’s consistency.”

Gutfeld said that by pointing to the Republicans who were condemning the behavior of rioting Trump supporters, the media was really drawing attention to the Democrats who weren’t condemning the riots “when our cities were in flames.”

“Americans do not need lectures from hypocrites in hair and makeup who pick and choose their favorite protesters, right?” Gutfeld added, noting that he did not expect to see Republicans coming together to bail out the rioters who were arrested. “I’m glad Democrats are finally outraged by this disgusting behavior. Join the club! I’ve been there for a year! I do not play favorites with mobs.”

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