Dr. Ben Carson Creates Patriotic Lessons for School Children

On Thursday, Dr. Ben Carson spoke out about the need for a patriotic curriculum for school-aged children. He acknowledges that parents were “horrified” to find out what their kids were learning in public schools.

Carson told the Brian Kilmeade Show: 

“During the COVID crisis, we had a chance to sit down and actually look at what was being taught in our schools. And I think pretty much, many of us were horrified with the way that history is being distorted or deleted. If you want to fundamentally change a society, you have to indoctrinate and manipulate. So you gain control of the educational system and you gain control of the media. That’s exactly what the leftists have done.”

In response, Carson worked with the American Cornerstone Institute to create the Little Patriots program. The goal of the program is to educate kids in aspects of history such as civics, American history, and American values. The program is completely online, allowing parents to teach at home, while in the car, or before and after school. 

Carson was sick of complaining about the issue and wanted to make a change. He said that there have already been thousands of subscribers and that kids love the lessons. He’s hired several animators from Disney, Pixar, and ABC Kids. 

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