Dr. Deborah “Scarf Lady” Brix’s Book: How to Subvert American Freedom

Dr. Deborah Birx’s book Silent Invasion seems to be exactly what she did to America. Red State concluded,

“The fact that Birx can write a book laying out her own duplicity and have it favorably greeted by much of the media shows just how deep the Deep State goes.”

Red State also notes, “Though it has been out for a couple of months, it is only now attracting the attention it deserves.” And for those insurrection-crazy Democrats, here’s an insurgency put conveniently into book form.

Birx admitted to subverting President Donald Trump on several occasions. She held back her belief in a high likelihood the CCP virus came from the Wuhan lab. And Birx admits the “fifteen days to slow the spread” was just a start.

The “six-foot-rule” and the “ten-person-gatherings” were BS. She “figured that ten would… be palatable for most Americans.”

She wrote, “This wasn’t the only bit of subterfuge I had to engage in.” And “We weren’t being transparent with the powers that be in the White House.”

Joe Biden’s people prop him up, drug him up—maybe even hypnotize him up, while people like Dr. Birx, were continually trying to topple Trump. Nothing was more telling than her virtual cage fight with Dr. Scott Atlas.

Atlas is not only a physician but also an expert on how health policies affect society. But, according to both Atlas’ and Birx’s books, Birx had zero interest in Atlas’ contributions. According to Atlas, if everyone was not in lockstep with Dr. Anthony Fauci and Birx, they were locked out.

According to The Hill, Birx said, “that she and Anthony Fauci, along with others…, had a pact that they would all leave if one person was fired amid their arguments with Trump.”

This exchange shows Birx’s narcissistic view from her lofty vantage. Atlas had answered a question from the President in an Oval Office meeting. He said Birx “was furious” and screamed, “NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!”

Atlas wrote, “But did she actually expect me to lie to the president, just to cover up for her? I responded, “Sorry, but he asked me a question, so I answered it.”

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