Dr. Fauci Insists Individuals Should Celebrate New Years With Small Groups of Vaccinated Individuals

On Monday, Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested that American families should avoid large New Year’s Eve gatherings and celebrations. 

USA Today reported:

When you are talking about a New Year’s Eve party, where you have 30, 40, 50 people celebrating, you do not know the status of the vaccination — I would recommend strongly, stay away from that this year. There will be other years to do that, but not this year.”

The infamous Times Square ball drop attendance will be capped at 15,000 people this year. This is due to New York’s increase in cases and fear of straining the hospitals. All attendees will be required to be vaccinated and wear masks. 

His advice follows that of many local and state officials that they should ban unvaccinated family members from attending holiday gatherings.

A slew of governors and mayors are even telling vaccinated people they should be masked when at home celebrating with family. The Philadelphia Health Commissioner Cheryl Bettigole said, “Please do not hold or attend holiday parties indoors; it’s just too dangerous.” Louisiana’s governor is telling people to mask inside at all times when not at home with your household. 

These new suggestions are directly contrary to the information about young people’s mental health amidst the pandemic. Dr. Vivek Murthy, the U.S. Surgeon General, warned the U.S. about this growing mental health problem. Families Against Fentanyl analyzed government data and found that the leading cause of death in 18-45-year-olds was fentanyl overdose. 

Jan Crawford, the CBS News National Legal Correspondent, stated:

“It’s the crushing impact that our COVID policies have had on kids and young children… even teenagers…They have sacrificed the most… The risk of suicide attempts among girls, now up 51% this year. Black kids nearly twice as likely as White kids to die by suicide. School closures, lockdown, cancellation of sports.” 

The American Psychological Association issued a survey of “Stress in America” and found that 50% of the 3,000 millennial respondents reported they had difficulty with daily tasks. About half of the respondents said the pandemic made planning for the future almost impossible. 

Even with this knowledge, Fauci and others are still advocating for young people to celebrate New Year’s in small groups or isolated away from the typical large parties.

  1. Does anyone still listen to Dr El Duce? The Sour Puss King of darkness, from the order of gloom & doom that hates all people and the destroyer of families and group gatherings! The flip flopper of medical advice, the naysayer & story teller of funding & involvement with the Chinese and the Wuhan Labs, the twister of words and the denier of facts. The fool on Capital Hill that resembles an adult version of the caricature that was the face of Mad Magazine. The court jester of the Fauci ouchie, the never ending story of the virus that mutates faster than any other and the one that came up with inside trader scam with the drug companies to develop a constant amount of inoculations to fight this never ending virus that really do not keep you and others from contracting or spreading it. The Chicken Little who spreads fear and lies that have helped the drug company CEO’s, the politicians and himself avast mass fortunes.
    Is anyone that stupid to believe anything that comes out of this fools mouth? If you are, you have a real mental problem and need to be locked in a mental asylum.

  2. FAUCI is an ignoramus, a complete fool being sued alone with Bill and Melinda Gates in the World Court for Genocide they own the UK patent on vaccines. How is it a Director of the CDC is permitted to continue in public service with an inherent conflict of interest? Fie.

  3. At this point nobody should be listening to “Doctor” FRAUD’chi. He is a colossal POS just like most of the rats in DC and especially the DNC. He is more crooked bureaucrat then doctor. And just like all of those other rats, he is evil too. COVID is a engineered virus with a patent, and the “vaccines” are engineered poison that NOBODY should be taking…your natural anti-bodies God gave you are far better. Take Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine to get better without poisoning yourself. Worked fast for Trump and Joe Rogan and plenty of others. The leftist medias, Fauci, and Gates want to you instead take dangerous experimental poison vaccines to make them millions and to depopulate. Do NOT listen to Fauci, Gates, Biden, Harris, Psaki, the main stream medias, or for that matter 99% of democrats in the DNC(and RINOs in DC)…ALL LIARS. Normal doses of vitamins like C, D, Zinc, etc etc can also help. COVID has a 98.999% survival rate for a normal healthy person, and most will survive it just fine. The latest Omicron is even less lethal, although more contagious. The only people that should really fear COVID are people that already have health issues and or compromised immune systems. Use vitamins and good proven drugs like Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine, rest, drink plenty of fluids, try to eat, and hopefully even with health issues you will be fine…do NOT take any of those “vaccines”.

    If COVID isnt mark of the beast, its dang sure a pre-cursor to it. Dont fall for the all of the evil COVID BS. Keep your faith in God, and God bless you all.

  4. Vaccinated or not it doesn’t matter Dr. Fraudcy. I just had family from NY come for Xmas to my great state of FL. And all 3 Vaccinated with boosters GUESS WHAT THEY BROUGHT THE COVID WITH. And guess what else the only person in my Family that got it from them was the only Vaccinated person in my house. So suck it the new flu is here.

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