Dr. Fauci is on Track To Retire with the Highest Payout in History

Dr. Anthony Fauci will receive the largest retirement payout in U.S. government history. Fauci has worked for the government for 55 years, and his retirement is set to exceed $350,000 per year. His pension and benefits will also increase based on the cost of living adjustments. 

Dr. Fauci was the highest-paid government employee in the last two years. In 2020, he earned $434,312, out-earning the president of the United States. His pay last year increased 4% over his 2019 earnings. Since 2007, he has earned at least $355,000 per year. 

Government employees with the tenure of Fauci can retire and earn 80 percent of their high 3-year average salary, along with payouts for sick leave. He’s also likely to receive an annuity granted to federal employees in service over 10 years. The Independent reports, “The employees are eligible for “2 percent of high-3 average salary [highest average basic pay earned during any three consecutive years of service] for each year”.

According to Federalpay.org, “Anthony S. Fauci’s 2020 pay is 73% higher than the average medical officer across all agencies.”

Even though at age 81, Fauci is above retirement age, he insisted he won’t retire until the end of the pandemic. Fauci compared the pandemic to a “war” and declared he would not retire until things were back to normal.

He stated:

“There’s no way I’m going to walk away from this until we get this under control. I mean, that’s the purpose of what we do,” Fauci continued. “That’s – that’s our mission in life. In the middle of it, I’m not going to walk away.”

He continued:

“I’m going to keep doing that until this COVID-19 outbreak is in the rearview mirror, regardless of what anybody says about me, or wants to lie and create crazy fabrications because of political motivations.”

In 2004, Fauci received a huge pay boost during the George W. Bush administration for his work in biodefense. He received a “permanent pay adjustment.” He went from making $200,000 in 2004 to $335,000 in 2007. This represents a 68 percent increase. 

Fauci is currently the chief medical advisor to President Biden. He’s worked as the director for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for more than thirty years. His 2021 salary has yet to be published, but Forbes filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit in November for the pay information.

  1. What a joke!! “I won’t retire until this pandemic is behind us”. No what you mean is you won’t retire until you’ve made as much money from Pfizer and Moderna as possible. He will always be known as the un scientific head of our govts war on freedom!!!

  2. Dr Il Duce, the American Benito Mussolini and leader of the Demoncratic National Marxist Fear Mongering Party, has milked billions out of governments, the CDC, giving talks on how to promote the fear and the money he got from appearing on the yellow news media and leftist talk shows. He is now about to retire with the biggest U.S. government pension in history and his retirement is set to exceed $350,000 per year. Paid off the backs of the tax payers and that will be before he receives his Social Security payments that he is entitled to and whatever other retirement accounts he has from other companies he worked for and other countries like China that will be paying him for his work and help for securing funding from the US government. This is the most disgusting payout crime scam I’ve ever heard of. Fauci is the biggest weasel and scammer I’ve known in my life time. He is the white collar crime king pin of all time!
    This guy has gotten away with milking the system better than any king pin or mafia don in history as well. This guy needs to be stripped of his wealth, power and charged with lying to the world and crimes against humanity and thrown in prison!
    Talk about government wast! The president of the US only gets $219,200 in their retirement package. Dr Il Duce will most likely get more than double that. All for helping the Chinese develop a virus that spread across the world in record time while he made contradicting statements that advised world governments and is indirectly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands by spreading those contradicting advisories. Everyone that listened to this criminal and continues to is a fool!

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