Draconian Democrat Lockdowns/Mask Policies Have Devastating Effects on Children

A child in a medical mask during a coronavirus pandemic

The Epoch Times’ Jackson Elliott reveals the devastating impact researchers are finding the CCP Virus, government tyranny has had. Their “COVID-19 restrictions have damaged children developmentally in ways that might be irreparable, teachers say.

Educational Playcare wrote, “From early childhood through high school, children rely on facial expressions, social interaction, conversation with new people, and friendships to develop mentally.”

Denying kids’ social interactions inhibits their mental development. Elliot wrote, that when governments “ordered families to stay home, children were plunged into painful isolation.”

Bilingual speech-language pathologist Rachel Garcia “works with 1– to 3-year-old children in Palm Desert, California,” at Ensemble Therapy Services. Heartbreakingly, Garcia said, “One of the biggest differences is the number of kids who have no language.”

Garcia said she “noticed that children aged 3 and under weren’t learning to talk.” It’s at about one year old that babies start talking. But she said there are even toddlers who aren’t talking yet. Garcia blames this phenomenon on the “devastating isolation from other children.”

Garcia said she’s seen, as a result of Democrat lockdowns “some lockdown children have gone years without seeing another child—or another adult. Meeting another human being for the first time sometimes terrifies them.”

The damage is catastrophic. Garcia said she’s evaluated parents who were the only people their child has seen for one, two, or nearly three years. She says “with only parents as role models…” children can be trapped.

She says the parents are so in-tune they “get good at taking care of their children without language, so they don’t bother learning it.”

When children interact with other kids and adults, they must communicate to have their needs met. Researchers say “A child’s vocabulary at 2 predicts their success as they start school… which predicts success later in life.”

The unnecessary lockdowns also affected older children. One former New York City teacher said, “I had brand-new kids come into ninth grade, and their whole first year of high school was spent online, basically isolation in their homes. That really affected your mental health.” She also said attendance rates have suffered too with only 50 percent or even “no one show[ing] up for class at all.”

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