Drag Queen Show Performed at High School Without Parental Consent

Hempfield High School in Pennsylvania is under fire for hosting drag queens at an after-school event. The school’s Gay-Straight Alliance club hosted the drag show without parental approval. Many parents were not even aware of the event until after it occurred.

One parent said:

“Our concern is that grown men entered our high school with or without background checks. They were dressed scantily and performed in a provocative, sexualized manner for minor children.”

Kelly Tyson, a teacher, and co-advisor of the GSA club indicated that the drag group has performed at the school for at least 2 other years. The teacher also shared the performer’s Instagram with the students, allowing the kids to reach out privately to the performers. 

The district sent out an apology saying, “We are appalled at what took place and in no way condone this type of activity in our schools. Neither the dress of the invited guests nor the performance was appropriate in our school setting,”

One parent claimed that parental consent was not needed to attend the event and attendees did not have to be part of the GSA club. 

Parents filed a Right to Know request for details of the event. They want to know if the dancers were paid with taxpayer money and who attended the event. 

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