Drag Queen Speaks Out Against Children Attending Drag Brunch

Drag Queens in Toronto

Some news stories don’t get enough attention because today’s Democrat state media not only ignores but also suppresses certain viewpoints that all Americans should have. This is especially true for members of a subculture who may not realize how irresponsible they’re being.

It’s also crucial that reasonable people with “unorthodox lifestyles” express their concerns. Especially when, as reported by Breitbart, organizations like Gays Against Groomers, founded by Jaimee Michell, are “blacklisted by Google, PayPal, and Venmo… all within… 24 hours.”

Gays Against Groomers is obviously “headline-grabbing.” However, most of the leftist media headlines it grabbed were derogatory. But the organization’s pro-child message is crucial when focusing on this issue. It’s likely the vast majority of gay Americans agree with them—because they’re sane but afraid to speak out.

This issue is not about what adults do but what adults do with children. Everyone understands this, even the radical left. But they purposefully conflate reasonable people who oppose all sexualization of our children with being “homophobic.“

Sara Gonzales, of The Blaze, at a “Drag Brunch” in Plano, TX

The “Drag Queen Story Hour” attack on children’s innocence began several years ago and also has critics from their own community. In January 2020, a drag queen, Kitty Demure, released a video objecting to kids at drag shows. Demure appeared on FOX News’ Jesse Watters Watters’ World on Wednesday.

More than the obvious indecency of drag queens sexually flaunting in front of children, Demure further questioned the woke “reasoning” for pushing drag queen culture on kids.

“I have no idea why you want drag queens to read books to your children,” Demure said. “I have no idea what in the hell has a drag queen ever done to make you have so much respect for them and admire them so much other than put on makeup and… do sexual things on stage.”

Demure asks what all reasonable people ask. “Would you want a stripper or porn star to influence your child? It makes no sense at all.”


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